Monday, July 23, 2007

Garden Lore

Garden Lore

We were speaking of
Black-eyed Susans –
How easy to grow
And take care of,
And how beautiful,
How rewarding for
So little effort.
We like flowers like that,
Lovely without being demanding;
Just how we like our children!
she said.
Trying for wit,
She spoke
Too much
I’m so sorry,
I felt like saying.
I was a tea rose,
When you wanted
Black-eyed Susans.
No wonder we didn’t
Perhaps there are some
Children who grow like weeds,
Living on the sun, air and rain
Granted them without care.
But I think even Black-eyed Susans
Like a little care now and then.

Betsy McKenzie
July 23, 2007
the field of black-eyed susans is from http://www.grunberghaus.com/blog


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