Thursday, January 17, 2008


The snow began so softly,
Sifting into our hearts.
Yet, still, we warmed ourselves
At the little flame of faith.
We believed, both truly believed,
You were some one else.

The campfire embers flickered
In the embattled hearts...
The snow did not reach the sills
Or drift into the corners
Until the final revelations.
How different the real from the dream.

The storm battered in, then--
O, sore hearts --
Drifted over and buried deep.
They froze, near to death,
That year, under a
Deep blanket of snow.
Of grief, rather,
Stunned to silence.
Two hearts mourned the man
The man we thought we knew.

Iced over, the hearts never stirred,
Silent until that spring,
At the spoken words of power, long
Frozen heart cracks wide open.
Under the warming sun, the hard shell
Splintered into rainbow shards,
And life began again.

Jan. 17, 2008


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