Sunday, June 18, 2006

Waiting for the Sun

Waiting for the Sun
Betsy McKenzie

All my life, I have awaited the dawn;
Getting up at outlandish hours
Just to see the sunrise.
For a short while, I had a job
As a night foaling watchman.
All night, I sat up in the barns,
Waiting to see if the mares would
Go into to labor that night.
When the sun rose, my shift was over.
How I longed for the sun.
Little mice ran across the floor,
Moving so fast, I could just see
Brown blurs, shooting around by the walls.
Then, the sky would tinge with green,
And barn swallows would take over
From the night flying bats.
Tonight, I am waiting for the dawn,
Like a night watchman,
Counting off the hours,
Longing for the sunrise.

March 13, 2006

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