Friday, July 27, 2007

Handbook of Knee Surgery

It’s not the years
It’s the mileage.
Restore that bounce,
That bend and kneel

In my dreams I still
Can run,
And jump

Bounding high,
Like astronauts on the moon
Landing soft
Like cat feet on the mantel.

A two-tone marker opens up.
Use a car jack
To open up that space

Pack with
A nice foam
Bubbles of air
Maybe beaten eggwhites
Cushion those bones.

Spread with grape jam
For a smooth movement,
Glide over those worn
Scarpy bone surfaces.

In my dreams,
I can dance like
Ginger Rogers with
Fred Astair,
Waltz and dip and swing
Climb again the steep hills
Of Red River Gorge,
Wander the Smoky Mountains.

And burning softly
I glide among the clifty rocks
Dance lightly over the
Stone bed creeks
Silent crouch,
Explosive leap.

(Title from Chris Tiefel at linkhttp://treefull.blogspot.com/2007/06/50-titles-of-poems-i-would-not-write.html )


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