Monday, July 09, 2007

James Tate Has a Bear

James Tate has a bear
in his tree.
He is a very positive bear,
practicing living in the moment.
And, being a sweet bear,
he tries not to look
in the window. But
he can't help noticing how
the upstairs room is set up
with a desk
and a computer
and pens.
He climbs through the window,
the bear, I mean,
and clambers into James Tate's chair
at James Tate's desk.
Pulling a pencil from the can, there,
the bear begins to chew on the end.
The bear is struck by inspiration,
and wishes he could write it down.
But he doesn't know how to write .
He likes sitting in
James Tate's chair.
He likes being out of the wilderness.
So, he sits and contemplates honey,
and grubs.
Then, he thinks of blueberries,
which he (the bear) just loves.
The bear falls asleep in
James Tate's chair,
and dreams that he is James Tate,
writing about a bear in his tree.

Betsy McKenzie
June 29, 2007


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