Friday, August 24, 2007

Bred in the Bone

Yeah, it's in the bones.
You 'shamed of yer ol' ma now.
Think I don't see it? Shee-it!
Girl, you marked.
Yes'm you marked.
Can't run away from it.
Lookie here --
You got the taste for that
Sweet soft custard --
From me!
From me, you hear?
I shared that with you
In the womb, girl --
Marked you with it.
That's why you got the taste
Now you're a woman.
Think you all new.
Got that sci-en-ti-fick education?
Girl, you marked!
You think I'm talking
Some ignorant conjurin' trash,
Don't you? Huh!
You marked in the womb, Girl!
That's you Grandpa's curled-back thumb,
An' you auntie's fine, fine hair.
Look at me girl --
That's your future;
You in thirty years.
And you can't side-step it --
No more'n you can step
Out of your skin.


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