Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Themis in the Ashes

The bag of wool
So long we honored,
Lies forgotten,
Long tradition
Gone, forsaken.
Bright honor tarnished
With bitter jokes.
Sharks, they say, with
A low snigger.
Who left the
Woolsack out in the rain?
Or did the world
Turn and turn again?
And black turn white,
And greed rewarded?
The balance in the dust.

The image of Lady Justice stabbed in the back with her own sword, is a statue titled Poetic Justice by Paul Ehrlich, and posted on the web at http://www.zalma.com/webdoc6.htm by Barry Zalma, a lawyer who states he has this statue in his office. Thank you for sharing a poignant take on Justice, Barry and Paul!


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