Friday, July 27, 2007

Sacred Pajamas

No longer can the loving parent
Find cottony soft pajamas for
The child.
Pajamas now must fight fire
Protect, insulate, cherish safely
Children in their curled sleep
Knelt down to worship dreams
Humped like little cat people
Oversized diaper bottom
In the air, tiny thumb
In the moist pink mouth
Nylon brushed cannot feel like
Cottony soft pajamas
Sewn-on feet with nubbly soles
Snaps up the legs for
Easy changing
Short hand of course, for
How much more could I possibly love you?
It hurts my heart to see your silky head
With tiny finger caressing your little snub nose.

Betsy McKenzie
July 27, 2007

word from Chris Tiefel at http://tinyurl.com/387waa


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