Sunday, September 30, 2007


And there is a door in her heart
It changes its position
Sometimes it’s on the ceiling
Where she cannot reach it
Sometimes its in the walls
And she can creep through
But sometimes its on the floor
And she drops - Oh! Right through

And when she goes through the door–
Or falls with a sudden drop
Sometimes she finds forgotten rooms
Filled with forgotten pets
Glancing up across sun-dusty space
So glad to see her
Just fine after all these years
Forgotten in the attic of her mind

But sometimes the rooms are filled
With a nameless formless dread
Emotions she had put away
In the attic of her mind

And some bad times there are no rooms
Just pitiless darksome bleakness
Grim rock with nothing growing
Dark forests without path or hope

And she wanders lost and frightened
Knowing someone’s searching for her
Dreading that they’ll catch her
Only knowing that they mustnt

Oh pray for all the children
Trapped without possibility of rescue
Send them a vision a kindness
A gift of hope – a future

And may she find in that dark place
A glowing ball like a moon in her hands
And remember a sweet face
Kind hands calm heart

Who gave her the ball of light
And find a gleaming thread
Like a spider spinning moonlight
Winding from the ball

Leading her through darkness
Hard and stony life
To some day in the future
To dwell in safety, free and whole

Thread of light
Glimmer in that wilderness
Reminder of another way
A green and smiling land

Sept. 30, 2007


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