Monday, November 03, 2008

Boston Sunset Jam

Boston Sunset Jam

Glory clouds and
Water-sun flash air
And splendor sky
Across the eyes' expanse
Behind high mirror flanks!
Oh all we need is
Camera guy or painter hand --
But, no, that artist's
Dead. So, who is left
To keep the scene
That zammed on
Common's sky
When sunset blasted
Through the storm
And zizzed on
Hancock's side?

Oct. 30, 2008

The image is courtesy of http://flickr.com/photos/51035749109@N01/2079860546/, credit to afagen, taken actually from the Cambridge side, the Residence Inn, in Cambridge, in December, 2007. It's not quite as stunning as what I saw coming from work to the Park Street Station one recent afternoon in a sun shower. The sun was setting through a shower, with storm clouds above, and breaking around the sunset. The Hancock was catching the light, with stunning effect. I wished I had the hand of that master of New England clouds and light, Winslow Homer, or a fabulous camera and great skill. But all I could do was write a jazz style poem about my longing to capture the image.


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