Saturday, February 19, 2011

Indy and Dover: Surprise! Pictures, not poems

I am posting some pictures here of Indy the Cat and Dover the Dog. Some of my friends and relations have been receiving regular e-mails titled "Greetings from Indy the Cat," since we adopted a cat named Indiana Jones. I started these because I wanted to keep the kind folks who gave us Indy up to date on her life. But I kept thinking of more cat lovers I knew who might enjoy hearing about this very colorful feline and her antics. So the list has grown to quite a number of fans of Indy the Cat. She has her humble servants (yours truly and all our family), and her adoring dog, Dover. Dover did not used to be afraid of lightning and thunder. But Indy was terrified of thunder storms. Shortly after she came, she delegated all that to Dover. It was the most amazing thing I ever saw. She handed the fear off to Dover and then she was able to relax while the poor dog took on the burden of shivering during lightning storms. This the cat we adopted.

Dover appeared in Poyetry once before, as a very young dog, when we were first adopting him from the foster home. He is a rescue sheltie. He has grown into a very handsome and playful 3 year old sheltie. And he does love his cat. He has no idea how she bosses him. But he does his share of treat-stealing. And they are both very jealous of one another getting attention.

There is a picture of Indy's eating area. This is because Indy has recently taken to protesting when her bowl is empty. She tosses all the plastic containers over the side. She will even shove the wooden box over that holds the food containers you see on the side there. She used to have a larger bowl made of heavy stoneware. She had that and a plastic bowl of water up on the higher platform. She tossed the water overboard one day, and we decided the water would be kept on the floor. Then she shoved the empty food bowl down one too many times and it shattered. So, now Indy has a bowl that I think must have metal inside the heavy plastic. It is amazingly heavy, with a non-skid, hollow base. But it's still too easy for Indy to move it. So, we made a square, U-shaped brace to hold the bowl, so it would be harder for Indy to shove it over the edge. We also finally have added a small plastic lid with high "lips" that fit tightly under the edges of the food bowl. We have taped it down, but will probably staple it in place. You now have to twist and lift to pick up the food bowl, but we can still pick it up to wash it. But Indy will probably still find a way to knock it down. She is a very resourceful and determined cat!

Other pictures above show Indy's box bed that was made from a large mens' slippers box. We saved the tissue and added an old lambswool muffler. She seems to like sleeping in the box, and can somehow open and close the hinged lid. Very tricky cat!


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